Constipation?? Is Toilet Time more like Trouble Time??

Constipation?? Is toilet time more like Trouble time?

Is this you?  Well, this is what I look like 80% of the time when I'm not very careful with my diet.  And it SUCKS!!! 


I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and the type of foods I eat have a huge impact on my poor digestive system.  Also stress. Specially refined carbohydrates like bread and pastries have a deadly reaction on my bowel.  So after trying a lot of products in the search to find a sustainable solution, a friend told me to do the following:

  • mix 1 teaspoon (or tablespoon) Raw honey and
  • 1 teaspoon(or tablespoon) Apple Cider Vinegar into a cup of boiling hot water, stir well and drink as hot as you possibly can. 


So I tried it.  When you pour the ACV into the hot water the fumes will make you tear up! If you can get past the smell the taste is rather pleasant.  Not bad at all.  So holding my breath every time I take a sip, I have successfully managed to drink this home remedy.


And it works!!!So Well!!


No more tablets that bloat you so bad you look pregnant, then the cramps and then a very unpredictable toilet visit. Just not cool - at all!!BUT THIS!!!!  This is a cheap home remedy with two ingredients that you can buy anywhere.  If you are anything like me, when I hear about something and its got more than 2 ingredients and I have to use Google to find out what it is and where to buy it – I get put off so easily that I would rather not even try. 


Please note – you have to use RAW clean honey. 


Besides, having a troubled bowel does not only harm your whole system, it affects your skin as well. When you don’t have regular (once to twice a day) bowel movements, your skin will have a tendency to break out and look dull.  This will be because of the overload toxins you are carrying around in your bowel. It is also well known that a lot of diseases either start or gets worse when you have a lazy digestive system. 


Now that I have a remedy that works and the ingredients are easy to come by, adding drinking a lot of water – I now feel so much better.  My stomach isn’t bloated the whole time, my energy levels picked up and my skin looks much more balanced.  I just feel more relaxed as my Toilet time is now what it should be instead of a huge struggle.


This is a short read – but so worth it.  This is really effective and you are not loading your body with just more chemicals he already cannot get rid off effectively.


Go on  - try it.  If you smell it and you gag – just put some cotton wool in each nose and take the sip. Or like me, hold your breath.  You DO actually get used to it.  And it IS really a nice drink to have once a day. AND it is effective while being cheap and easy. 


Good luck.  Hope this will help at least a few people to turn their Trouble time back into simply Toilet Time.