When times are hard - Faith is the answer

So who would have thought that this can happen? But it did. And now we have to handle it. 

The next phrase comes to mind 

"Let your Faith be bigger than your Fear"


We are in this awful mess - and we all worry and feel the anxiety, but hey, it is not going to change things the more we worry...... 

In times like this - to keep up a healthy mind and spirit - we really need to search for the bright side.  We have to LOOK for the positives.

Here's a few for you :

* you have time with your family

* you have time to sort out things always left behind due to time constraints

* you have time to give your full attention to your kids and who they are

* you have time to read that book!!

* you have time to draw, mosaic, paint, etc - boredom gives birth to creativity 

* clean that house, sort out the toy box, rearrange your furniture

Look - we all have things we have been putting off because we did not have time... 

Staying safe and keeping your loved ones safe and close to you is most definitely something you cannot put a price tag on.  These are tough times - but you have been BLESSED with time with your family - time that you can really cherish and keep close in your heart when we get on with the hustle and bustle of Life again.  


We are not promised a tomorrow - we have TODAY.  And how we spend it is up to us.  What we take out of every situation is our choice.

If you look at this and only see the negative - it will be a negative for you.

But you can look at the positives and rather focus on them - taking your negatives and making it a positive.


And then PRAY - take this time to get to know your God again.  Keep your faith. Believe in the good.  


We don't know what tomorrow may bring - but I do believe that remaining under the Love of Jesus, taking your worries and fears to Him, having conversations with Him about how you feel and and your worries about the health of your loved ones - will surely bring you the calmness to stand the storm.  


Please stay safe and healthy.

Lift your chin, look at the bright side and put your crown straight - after all - YOU ARE THE CHILD OF A KING!


When times are good - Praise God

When times are hard - Praise God even more


xx much love

Magic moon