Why do you have tattoos? Ever had that question? or Asked that question ?

I got my first tattoo when I was 16! And ever since then I have had a love for tattoos - not just simple tattoos like 1D tattoos - I talk about ART.  So through the years my collection grew and now I have quite a few.


Do I regret any of them?? Why would I?  The answer is a definite NO. Yes I have 2 bad ones - that did not heal well and could have been done better - but hey, so you learn.  That is in one word - LIFE.  

I get asked a lot of times why I have tattoos, so I thought to answer.  Because I love it. Because I would not be myself if I did not have them, they are apart of who I am and who I became through trials and joys.  Most of them have special meaning to me, a remembrance of something special, a something I do not ever want to forget and want to be reminded of constantly. And then some just for the beauty of it.  

This sums it up completely.  

I know most people don't like tattoos. But we all have the right to like or dislike different things. Luckily we do not like the same things - how boring life would be.  

My tattoos are my diary, my journal, my "forget-me-nots".  They are the only things I will ever take to my grave. One day when I'm old and my memory starts to fade, some things will never be forgotten.  

I do have a lot of religious tattoos - I would guess about 80% of my art is about my faith.  I have  "Hallelujah" on my bicep, "Faith" underneath my Collar bone, "Tetelestai" on my tricep, on each wrist I have a Mandarin sign for "God" and "Angel", I have a symbol tattoo that depicts the whole Bible story on my forearm, above my thumb I have symbols for God is Greater Than my Highs and Lows, on my thigh it's written "You own the skies and still You want my heart". So tell me, how is this evil? How is this ugly? I have so many reminders and pointers I can see the whole day to remind me where I need to go when my own strength is not enough, the Hope and the Love. How could I regret any of them??

These are not all of my tattoos. I have my childrens names on each foot, "love you to the moon and back" on my back, "Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite" on my ribs, "Oh darling it's true, Beautiful things have dents and scratches too" on my leg, and then some dinglies and danglies around both ankles and a flower piece on my side running from my shoulder to my thigh. One I got for my 7 year anniversary with my husband and a matching "Lil' Sis""Big Sis" with my darling and very close to my heart older sister.


Do I like this?  Uhhhmmmmmm NO!! That is not my thing. So yeah even though I have tattoos I also have an opinion on what I approve according to my own taste and style.


I love the picture below.  We get a lot of heat about tattoos in the workplace.  And to some extend I agree. To some extend I don't.

What do you think?

True isn't it.....Tattoos does not affect our capabilities at all, does not change who you are or what you can do....

So why the harsh judgement? It's only skin deep.  A bad personality is far worse in my humble opinion.


At the end of the day, lets give each other space to breathe, be who they are and let the sun shine over everyone.


Spread love - it's a gift that multiplies by giving it away, and that also goes for happiness.